Prehnite and Rutilated Epidote Tumbled Stone

Prehnite and Rutilated Epidote Tumbled Stone

$3.00 USD
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Receive 1 gemmy Prehnite with Epidote tumbled stone.

Size: 26-32mm / 1" - 1.25"
Weight: 9-14g

You'll love the apple green translucent quality and the inclusions of epidote crystal encapsulated inside.

Use Prehnite with Epidote crystals for crystal grids or your intention pouches to attract abundance, prosperity and healing. They say Prehnite with Epidote is the perfect ally to help speed up your intentions. This crystal is also known as the "emotional soap" crystal that helps wash away emotional debris from past traumatic experiences.

Your order will come carefully wrapped and your crystal will be intuitively chosen from available stock. Due to the nature of the material, please expect natural indentations and unique shapes with these tumbled stones.

Photos shown of crystals under LED lighting and outdoors under sunlight.