Genuine Merlinite Tumbled Stone

Genuine Merlinite Tumbled Stone

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Receive one genuine Merlinite Tumbled Stone crystal consisting of manganese oxide. This crystal is also called "Psilomelane". Each Merlinite crystal looks unique and may have inclusions of quartz, chalcedony or dendritic opal.

(0.7 - 0.8") x (0.5 - 0.7") x (0.2 - 0.5")
(17-21mm) x (13-18mm) x (5-12mm)


Black Merlinite opens the unconscious mind and assists during lucid dreaming. Merlinite is useful in past and future life viewing and shamanic journeying. Many crystal workers love using Merlinite for dimensional communication with guides, as well as for boosting the third eye to tap into one's magical gifts and wisdom. Merlinite is a crystal of duality that helps one to accept their shadow side, while balancing the masculine and feminine light energies within. 

*Please take note that there is another Merlinite on the market commonly referred to as "Mystic Merlinite" or "Indigo Gabbro". This kind is a blue/gray metamorphic crystal that is different than this Merlinite that is recommended for ancestral spirit communication.

Because this tumbled crystal is all natural, please expect variations in color and texture on the surface. Most pieces have unique mini caverns, vugs, indentations and inner druzy. You will receive one intuitively chosen Merlinite tumbled stone.