Rainbow Moonstone Marquise Silver Adjustable Ring

Rainbow Moonstone Marquise Silver Adjustable Ring

$48.00 USD
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You'll feel uplifted when you wear this gorgeous Rainbow Moonstone ring set in sterling silver. This stunning ring features a polished marquise shaped moonstone crystal with a clean modern setting and open back.

The striking rainbow glow of this ring features bands of gold that stream against blue tones.

Rainbow Moonstone is a fav crystal ring to wear because of the flashy glow from within that reminds one to shine their inner light! 

Ring Size: Adjustable (Great for ring sizes 6 - 9)

1.1" x 0.4" x 0.3"
27mm x 11mm x 7mm
Band Width: 4mm (0.2")
Weight: 7g
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver

This gorgeous rainbow moonstone ring will arrive with a gift box.

Inner fissure lines are natural and to be expected with this ring. The overall surface is smooth.