Peridot Happy Face Emoji Ring Size 7

Peridot Happy Face Emoji Ring Size 7

$75.00 USD
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Wearing this Peridot Smiley Face Emoji Ring will remind you to don't worry and be happy! The happy smile and sparkling natural Peridot crystal eyes will bring positivity to your day. Wear this Peridot Smiley Face Ring when life gets too overwhelming or stressful. Makes a thoughtful and meaningful surprise gift for a loved one that may need more sunshine and crystal healing in their lives. This unique Peridot smile ring comes with a keepsake box and is ready to love!

Size: 7

→ Includes two round cut peridot stones that are about 5mm each.
→ Widest part of band at the bottom is 5mm.
→ Width of smile: .67" (17mm)
→ Genuine peridot crystals

*Photos with the ring on the dark mannequin hand is what you will be receiving. Photos shown on real hand is a representation of what the ring will look like on a finger.