Rare Tugtupite Silver Ring Size 6.5

Rare Tugtupite Silver Ring Size 6.5

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Say hello to your new gorgeous oval Tugtupite Ring!

Tugtupite has been cherished by Greenland natives and is considered a mineral aphrodisiac of love. Tugtupite is made of a rare beryllium aluminum tectosilicate.

Tugtupite is extremely hard to acquire since the ground in Greenland is frozen for the majority of time during the year.

This crystal fluoresces a gorgeous bright pink color in black UV light. When exposed to sunlight, the unique stone darkens to a raspberry pink. This quality is called "Tenebrescence".

This rare crystal has an oval shape with pink and white color. Because Tugtupite works on the heart chakra, it's a perfect water element crystal for moving emotions and energetic flow.

Makes a perfect ring to wear to symbolize self love, or to give for an anniversary or unique engagement ring.


Size: 6.5

Dimensions of top stone with setting:
0.6" x 0.5" x 0.3" (15mm x 12mm 7mm)

Weight: 3g
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver

Origin: Greenland

Photos show this ring:
- Fluorescing under a blacklight flashlight
- Outdoors under sunlight to display tenebrescence
- Indoors under LED lighting

Read more about Tugtupite in this blog article.

Comes wrapped in a reusable jewelry box.

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