Charoite Adjustable Oval Statement Ring

Charoite Adjustable Oval Statement Ring

$169.00 USD
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Rock this stunning Charoite adjustable statement ring. Adjustable rings are great because you can customize the ring's fit depending on the season or circumstance.

This large third eye crystal power ring has chatoyant lavender feathered formations blended naturally with deep royal purple tones. Wear Charoite to strengthen your intuition and give you energetic protection when you need it most. Charoite protects the astral body and aura and is an especially useful crystal for empaths and sensitive intuitives. Comes with a  box.

Ring Size: Adjustable (Fits Sizes 7 - 10)

1.38" x 0.87" x .28"
35mm x 22mm x 7mm

.925 sterling silver with an open back
Band Width: 5mm (.20")