Rainbow Titanium Kyanite Large Wand

Rainbow Titanium Kyanite Large Wand

$79.00 USD
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Delight in the beauty of this Rainbow Titanium Kyanite crystal. This large rough crystal wand shines pink, purple, blue, aqua and gold. The shape resembles a colorful magical bird feather, or even perhaps an angel or pegasus feather.

This large raw Rainbow Titanium Kyanite fits nicely in the hand and can be used for clearing the aura from unwanted energies. Because of its metal vapor application, Titanium Kyanite can have a nice boosted energetic effect versus regular kyanite for energetic cord release and energy work.


125mm x 43mm x 17mm 
(4.9" x 1.7" x 0.7")
3.4 oz / 96g