Indigo Purple Titanium Kyanite Wand

Indigo Purple Titanium Kyanite Wand

$75.00 USD
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This beautiful Titanium Black Kyanite feather crystal reflects mystical metallic colors of deep purple, cobalt and indigo.

Use this crystal in your sacred energy work or meditation. Its beautiful large and ergonomic shape fits easily in your hand.

My favorite way to use this crystal is for cutting energy cords on your aura that may be negative or draining towards your personal energies. I find this type of kyanite to be stronger in doing this kind of work and I can literally feel a relief and release when using titanium kyanite versus regular kyanite or selenite (another common favorite) for cord release.

Maintaining your energetic health is an important thing and if you're an empath who has to be around people daily, it's important to release cords and balance your chakras so that you stay in tip top shape!

Your crystal will come beautifully gift wrapped should you decide to gift this treasured piece to a loved one or as a gratitude gift of love to yourself!

95mm x 31mm x 12mm
(3.7" x 1.2" x 0.5")
1.5 oz / 42g

This black kyanite has a thick coating of titanium metal that increases the vibration of the crystal. It also gives this specimen a more futuristic look.