Blue Labradorite Adjustable Marquise Ring

Blue Labradorite Adjustable Marquise Ring

$125.00 USD
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Say hello to the Blue Labradorite Adjustable Marquise Ring of your dreams! This mystical electric blue flashy Labradorite ring resembles the shape within a cat or dragon's eye. When you need blue color ray healing during times of imbalance, gaze upon the Labradorite crystal's inner cosmic glow of cobalt and electric blues. 

The open back sterling silver frame design lets light enter into the Labradorite crystal which then passes through to your skin for auric balancing and protection. Wear this Blue Labradorite Adjustable Marquise Ring for energy protection when interacting with others and during your meditations and intuitive work. Your ring will arrive with a keepsake gift box.

Ring Size: Adjustable

Crystal: 1.6" x 0.6" x 0.3" (40mm x 14mm x 8mm)
Band width: 0.2" (4mm) wide band
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver
Moh's Hardness: 6 - 6.5