Septarian Palm Stone - Calcite Aragonite

Septarian Palm Stone - Calcite Aragonite

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If you're a lover of dragons, add a Septarian Palm Stone to your cart today! You'll love the size of these thick chunky polished crystals.

Septarian is a combination of limestone, calcite and aragonite (and may include jasper, dolomite and barite) that formed over millions of years old. 

Also known as Dragon Stone for it was believed these crystals were fossilized remains of the scales of dragons that once roamed within our Earthly dimension. Meditate with a Septarian pal stone to find out what ancient wisdom comes through to you!

2" - 2.1" width by 0.9" - 1.1" thick
51-54mm width by 22-28mm thick

3.6 - 4.4oz
102 - 124g

Septarian Properties:

  • Works on the root and solar plexus chakras to strengthen one's aura.
  • They say this crystal helps is considered an invisibility stone to help you stay out of someone's psychic radar.
  • Assists in delving deeper during shamanic journeys.

Moh's Hardness: 7
Origin: Madagascar