Septarian Dragon Stone with #19 Formation

Septarian Dragon Stone with #19 Formation

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This Septarian palm stone has a natural number "19" on it and would make a perfect gift for someone turning 19 or who's birthday is on the 19th or in 2019.

Septarian is a mix of limestone, calcite and aragonite (and may include jasper, dolomite and barite) that are millions of years old.

Septarian is also known as Dragon Stone. Some say these are the fossilized remains of the scales of dragons that once roamed within our dimension plane.

This palm stone disc fits nicely in your hand during meditation and has a nice chunky thickness. Please expect natural surface irregularities due to the natural material of this crystal.

Diameter: 46mm / 1.8"
Thickness: 18mm / 0.7"

Weight: 2.4oz / 68g

A few interesting things about Septarian:

-- Works on the root chakra and solar plexus chakra.
-- Is said to help one become "invisible" when you don't want too much attention from others.
-- Helps one delve in deep during shamanic journeys.

Moh's Hardness: 7
Origin: Madagascar

Ways to Use Septarian:

-- Hold one during meditation.
-- Use in a crystal grid.
-- They say you can hold a piece of Septarian and infuse it with your personal energy to store it in there. Then when you are in need of extra energy, just come back to your stone and reclaim that energy to empower you.

I've been working with Septarian lately and its energy feels strong, ancient and protective. If you feel called to this piece, grab it today before it's gone!

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