Premium Sodalite Large Palm Stone

Premium Sodalite Large Palm Stone

$25.00 USD
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Say hello to your new premium Sodalite palm stone from Namibia.

These hand picked stunning specimens will be a treasured addition to your crystal collection!

This Sodalite palm stone has gorgeous natural deep blue color that will take your breath away. The white calcite marbling brings beautiful contrast to the dark blue. There are also some hematite inclusions, as seen in the brown areas in the photos.

Tap the letter above to choose your preferred palm stone.

PALM STONE A: (*Shown in photos 1-3)
Length: 2.7" / 68mm
Width: 2" / 49mm
Thickness: 1" / 25mm
Weight: 3.9oz / 111g

PALM STONE B: (*Shown in photos 4-6)
Length: 2.3" / 58mm
Width: 1.8" / 45mm
Thickness: 0.9" / 23mm
Weight: 2.9oz / 82g

PALM STONE C: (*Shown in photos 7-9)
Length: 2.6" / 66mm
Width: 1.9" / 48mm
Thickness: 0.9" / 24mm
Weight: 3.5oz / 99g

The deep blue tone of this Sodalite palm stone can help bring a feeling of calm and relaxation when you hold or gaze upon it during meditation.

Arrives carefully wrapped with a keepsake bag.

Due to the nature of computer monitor calibration, please expect minor color variations from what is seen in the photos to what is viewed in real life or in indoor lighting.