Prehnite and Epidote Sphere for Inner Peace

Prehnite and Epidote Sphere for Inner Peace

$65.00 USD
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Say hello to your gemmy green Prehnite with Epidote crystal sphere.  This crystal ball has calming and soothing energies to help bring you inner peace when you need it most!

This stunning small Prehnite crystal ball has a wonderful apple green translucent quality and contains rutilated pieces of epidote encapsulated inside. Shine a flash light through this crystal sphere and you'll be transported to a magical fairy garden wonderland.

1.2" (31mm)
1.6oz / 44g

Arrives carefully wrapped and ready to love!

Due to the natural material of this sphere, please expect inclusions and tiny surface indentations on this specimen as seen in the photos.

Use Prehnite with Epidote crystals for crystal grids or your crystal intention bag to attract abundance, prosperity and healing. They say Prehnite with Epidote is the perfect ally to help speed up your intentions. This crystal is also known as the "emotional soap" crystal that helps wash away emotional debris from past traumatic experiences.