Labradorite Rainbow Fish Palm Stone

Labradorite Rainbow Fish Palm Stone

$88.00 USD
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Crystal and ocean lovers, you'll love this Rainbow Labradorite Fish crystal sculpture! This hand sculpted Labradorite work of art was made with love and was difficult to create due to the intricacy of the fins. You'll love the variated colorful tones on the body of this fish.

Keep this Labradorite fish in the water element area or sacred space of your home. Or give it as a thoughtful gift for one of your loved ones. Makes a color addition to your bedroom, office or bathroom decor.

This animal totem crystal would be a perfect gift for lovers of the sea. Hold the fish in your receiving hand during meditation and use it as a symbol for your love of the oceans and water energies! If you have an affinity towards mermaids, Atlantis or Lemuria, or if you have the sign of Pisces in your natal chart, this is the perfect crystal for you! Labradorite reflects its inner light from within to shield your aura with protection and awaken your magical powers.

3.7" x 2.2" x 0.6" (95mm x 57mm x 15mm)
3.2 oz (92g)
Origin: Madagascar
Flash Colors: Blue, Aqua, Gold, Orange

Your Labradorite crystal fish will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love!

As with any crystal sculpture, please take care in handling. I would recommend gentle holding or placing the sculpture in your sacred space without any busy hands or paws.