Baby Blue Rainbow Labradorite Palm Stone

Baby Blue Rainbow Labradorite Palm Stone

$20.00 USD
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Say hello to your new baby blue pastel rainbow Labradorite palm stone with radiant flash! This polished crystal provides a colorful array of energy shielding and chakra balancing. The high frequency pastel tones in this palm stone are perfect for higher chakra dimensional energy work.

Colors include: baby blue, lavender pink, cobalt blue, light aqua green, marigold and lemon yellow. Tones vary depending on inside or outside light.

Work with this Rainbow Labradorite palm stone to help you to see the light in all situations. Let it serve as a reminder to shine bright your inner light. Labradorite's chatoyant chameleon coloration varies in different lighting, but definitely take this beauty outside under the sunshine when you receive it!

2.1" x 1.5" x 0.5" 

53mm x 39mm x 13mm 
1.9oz / 53g
Origin: Madagascar

Labradorite Properties:

-- Strengthens intuition
-- Awakens dormant gifts and powers
-- Shields against harmful energies

How to Use Rainbow Labradorite:

-- Carry in your pocket or purse when out in public to protect the aura.
-- Hold in meditation and during past life regressions for better connection.
-- Place in a crystal grid to protect your intentions.
-- Tuck under your pillow for shielding during sleep and dream work.