Large Citrine Natural Starbrary Point

Large Citrine Natural Starbrary Point

$1,369.00 USD
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Say hello to your new genuine Large Citrine Starbrary Point crystal from Brazil. This 10" natural Citrine Starbrary collector crystal point is a must have for serious manifestation magic. 

This special crystal has beautiful golden color with gorgeous gemmy translucency. Tilt this crystal to find beautiful rainbows inside.

Citrine increases frequencies of joy and the added rainbows of this specimen bring positive light to your realm. Citrine helps attract abundance, prosperity and speeds up manifested intentions.

The bottom area of this jumbo point also has golden mica inclusions to add to the frequencies of this Citrine crystal.

This particular point has starbrary markings that look like diagonal etchings and an abundant amount of right side up triangle record keepers on one particular face.

Meditate with this crystal to unlock the messages encoded within that are meant for you to discover.

Display this Citrine crystal in your sacred space, abundance crystal grid or feng shui prosperity area of your home to harness more blessings to come! 


10.16" x 4.17" x 3.46"  
258mm x 106mm x 88mm
Weight: 6lbs 12oz  

Arrives carefully wrapped and ready to love!