Triple Bubble Enhydro Quartz Pendant

Triple Bubble Enhydro Quartz Pendant

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If you're into unique wonders, this special Enhydro Quartz Pendant will be a treasured addition to your jewelry collection!

This Enhydro Quartz crystal has 3 small caverns inside that hold ancient elements from our Earth that grew over millions of years ago.

The top left water bubble lives inside a hollow inner cavern on the left side of the pendant. There are nice inclusions of carbon inside. This bubble moves up and down when you tilt the pendant back and forth.

Near the left water bubble, there's a middle cavern with particles of carbon that move in opposite direction from the left and right bubbles.

The right most water bubble and cavern is to the right of the left cavern. Carbon is the common element of all known life. The bubble moves up and down as well when you tilt the pendant forward and backwards.

Check out the video here for the full movement of the inclusion bubbles.

The water bubble areas are outlined with marker as shown in the photos. Once you're familiar with the location of the water bubbles, you may easily remove the markings with a natural cleanser of choice or with nail polish remover. Then quickly rinse with water and dry the crystal and setting.

1.4" x 0.7" x 0.8"
35mm x 18mm x 20mm

Length with bail:
1.8" / 47mm

Weight: 21g
Carats: 76.7 cts

Setting: .925 Sterling Silver prong frame work with open back.
Quartz origin: Pakistan

Please expect natural indentations and surface irregularities due to the nature of the crystal material.

Your Enhydro Quartz Pendant will arrive with a gift box.


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