Pyrite and Quartz Pendant

Pyrite and Quartz Pendant

$88.00 USD
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This stunning Pyrite and Quartz power pendant features a large teardrop shaped crystal set in 925 sterling silver. It has an open back so your chakra energies can flow through the crystal while wearing it. Wear this crystal pendant to enhance confidence, manifest your heart felt intentions and to give you an extra power boost throughout your day. You'll enjoy the reflective golden quality of the pyrite. This crystal acts as an energetic shield that mirrors out your inner light.

Pyrite also has iron content in it which is good for grounding and energetic protection. This crystal is also known as Fool's Gold and was mistaken for gold during the Gold Rush. Pyrite is a beautiful crystal that unifies the crown, solar plexus and root chakras. Pyrite attracts your heart's desires. The pyrite of this pendant is embedded with quartz which helps boost the pyrite's energetic properties.

2.52" x 2.05" x .24"  (64mm x 52mm x 6mm)
Length including bail:  3.27" (83mm)

Last photo is the pendant taken outdoors under sunlight.

Suggestions for use:
- Wear this pendant when activating your abundance and prosperity crystal grids or setting intentions during the new moon to add an extra power of boost.
- Hold the crystal pendant in your receiving hand during meditation for self-empowerment, motivation and positivity.
- Wear this pendant on Thursday or Sunday for best manifesting results.