Magical Merlinite Pendant and Chain Necklace

Magical Merlinite Pendant and Chain Necklace

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Experience the energies of genuine Merlinite in your crystal collection with this beautiful polished pendant with silver chain necklace!

Black Merlinite is also called, Psilomelane. This black mineral consists of manganese oxide. Each crystal pendant is unique with inclusions of white quartz chalcedony and/or dendritic formations.

♥ Choose your favorite pendant in the drop down. See last two photos for the letter designations and choices. All photos presented are in the same order from left to right, so you can check out the other photos to see more views of each letter.

0.9 - 1" x 0.6 - 0.9" x 0.4 - 0.7"
(23-26mm x 15-23mm x 9-17mm)

Comes with a 20" sterling silver rhodium plated (to prevent tarnish) snake chain.

Origin: New Mexico
Element: Earth, Wind, Fire
Chakras: Root

Your Merlinite crystal necklace will be carefully wrapped and arrive with a box.

According to the Book of Stones, Black Merlinite links one to the unconscious mind and helps with lucid dreaming. This crystal can assist in accessing past and future lives during meditation and shamanic journeying. Many in the crystal healing communities love working with this crystal for spirit communication with ancestors and guides, divination and prophetic vision.

Be aware of merlinite on the market that is called "Mystic Merlinite" or "Indigo Gabbro". This is a different kind of blue/gray toned crystal composite that is not the Merlinite recommended for ancestral spirit communication.

Merlinite is a crystal of duality that helps one to see and accept their shadow side while balancing ones masculine and feminine energies. This crystal helps one boost their intuitive magical abilities and bring forth inner wizard wisdom.

Because this crystal is all natural, please expect variations in color and texture on the surface. Some pieces have unique mini caverns and inner druzy. Some have many indentations, some are smooth and some are smooth on one side with indentations on the other side.

When you receive your Merlinite crystal necklace, take it out in the sunshine to fully appreciate its unique surface patterning and inclusions.