Larimar Diamond Dolphin Stone Pendant

Larimar Diamond Dolphin Stone Pendant

$75.00 USD
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The Larimar Diamond Dolphin Stone Pendant is the perfect crystal to wear for lovers of the sea! Larimar is mined in the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic, and it is commonly referred to as the Dolphin Stone. 

The soothing blue and aqua colors of this water element crystal will send you on a blissful ocean escape every time you gaze upon it. Hold this pendant during meditation to connect with dolphins, whales and Atlantean energies. Wear this crystal pendant to enhance communication and promote calming energy during times of stress. Includes inclusions of hematite for added protection and grounding.


Stone Size: 1" x 1" x .3" (25mm x 25mm x 7mm)
Total Length: 1.6" (41mm) 
Weight: 11g
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Origin: Dominican Republic
Comes with a keepsake box.

Chain sold separately. 
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