Angel Aura Quartz Spiralite Seashell

Angel Aura Quartz Spiralite Seashell

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This Angel Aura Quartz Spiralite Seashell fossil formed mini quartz crystals naturally over millions of years. Discovered in modern day central India, which was once the submerged prehistoric sea of Tethys.

Features a counter clockwise spiral on the seashell's apex. This spiral direction is considered sacred in Hindu cultures for its connection with Lakshmi and Vishnu. The left coil formation of this seashell fossil is rare and called, dakshinavarta shankha. They say this type of seashell clears karma from past lives and brings prosperity and longevity.

Angel Aura Spiralite crystal has metallic rainbow sparkle from the vaporization of precious metals of platinum, silver and traces of gold and titanium. This radiant and sparkly crystal fossil holds the energies of our Earth for millennia due to its energy imprint of being in water. Water holds energetic frequencies that have been sonar blessed by the dolphin and whale guardians of the planet.

The quartz drusy in this fossilized seashell also amplify and holds the energy through time as this Spiralite formed under the Earth. Work with Spiralite in your water element energy grids, wire wrap / jewelry projects and for sacred meditation.

2" x 1.3" x 0.9"
49mm x 32mm x 22mm
1.2oz / 35g