Sparkly Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball

Sparkly Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball

$99.00 USD
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Feel the golden energies of this Sparkly Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball. This gold shiny Pyrite sphere is a rounded geode with geometric formations and a polished exterior. Makes a unique home decor or desk statement piece and adds positive energies to your sacred space.

Pyrite is a grounding and powerful crystal that unifies crown, solar plexus and root chakra energies. Use this Pyrite sphere to attract abundance and boost your manifestation power. Great to use as a center piece in crystal grids! 

2.2" (57mm) diameter

Weight: 13.6oz (386g)
Origin: Peru

Suggestions for use:
- Place in abundance and prosperity grids, crystal trays or by a money intention candle.
- Hold during meditation for empowerment and to boost motivation and optimism.
- Use in the "metal" section of your home for feng shui activation of that area.