Bi-Color Fluorite Fluorescent Color Changing

Bi-Color Fluorite Fluorescent Color Changing

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Add this gemmy Bi-Color Fluorite crystal to your collection. It has unique color changing properties that is not found in all fluorite crystals!

This UV light reactive Fluorite specimen intensifies to a deeper purple under sunlight with blue-green capped areas. Indoors under regular LED light, it is lavender purple with light green trim. Under a UV flashlight, this special fluorite fluoresces to a bright electric blue. See photos for variances.


0.8" x 0.6" x 0.5"

20mm x 16mm x 13mm


Origin: Rogerley Mine, England

Fluorite is a crystal that people love to carry for focus, clarity and studying. This air element crystal is said to help with memory, mental concentration and clearing the third eye chakra from outside influence.

Your Fluorite crystal will be carefully wrapped and ready to love! Due to the nature of this specimen, expect natural inclusions, fissures, indentations and crevices as seen in the photos.