Moonstone Blue Flame Pendant

Moonstone Blue Flame Pendant

$65.00 USD
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This Moonstone Blue Flame Pendant shines a blue fire glow with hints of orange and gold. The four sided shape resembles a "flame" of white light crystal energy to remind you that your inner fire and light come from within. 

Rainbow Moonstone pendants are loved for their flashy aesthetic and its crown chakra and sacral chakra healing energies. Features an open back design that allows the crystal's properties to positively strengthen your aura with energetic protection. 

1.3" x 0.9" x 0.4"
32mm x 23mm x 9mm
Length w Bail: 1.7" (44mm)
Weight: 10g
Setting & Bail: .925 Sterling Silver

Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.