Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite Tri-Color Large Sphere

Ruby Kyanite Fuchsite Tri-Color Large Sphere

$175.00 USD
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Experience the energies of this gorgeous Ruby in Fuchsite and Kyanite sphere. This large polished crystal ball has numerous inclusions of pink Ruby crystal amongst shimmery green Fuchsite. These two heart chakra crystals swim amongst a sea of soothing blue Kyanite to complete a synergistic blend of centering energies for your meditation and energy work collection.

2.5" (64mm)
1lb 2oz (460g)
Origin: India

Ruby with Fuchsite and Kyanite work dynamically with the heart chakra to allow frequency alignment in your energetic column. A definite crystal multi-tasker, this sphere will assist with your intentions and activate your energetic defense mechanisms.

This crystal is all natural. Please expect variations in color and texture.