Rainbow Labradorite Large Decor Heart 3.9"

Rainbow Labradorite Large Decor Heart 3.9"

$108.00 USD
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Say hello to your new flashy Labradorite crystal heart that shines beautiful rainbow colors that you'll adore! 

This Labradorite puffy heart large meditation crystal will mesmerize you with its beauty and help you to see the light in all situations. 

The natural coloration of this premium flash Labradorite heart varies under indoor light and outside under sunlight. I highly recommend you take your labradorite out in the sun the first time you receive it and tilt it in the sunlight to fully appreciate its beauty.s!

Crystal Dimensions:
3.9" x 3.6" x 1.9"
(100mm x 92mm x 48mm)

Weight: 20oz (567g)

Origin: Madagascar
Element: Wind/Air
Moh's Hardness: 6 - 6.5

This large Rainbow Labradorite heart arrives carefully gift wrapped and ready to love!

Please note there may be small subtle indentations or inner fissures within the crystal. This is to be expected since this is all natural crystal material.