Raw Green Tourmaline Silver Ring Size 7

Raw Green Tourmaline Silver Ring Size 7

$45.00 USD
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You'll love wearing this natural Green Tourmaline raw crystal ring set in .925 sterling silver. Green Tourmaline has piezoelectric and pyroelectric crystal properties that can help expand the auric field in a positive way.

This raw genuine Tourmaline crystal ring has nice untreated and unheated deep green color. Depending on which way you wear it, the crystal can look like a mini green mountain or an upside "Superman" symbol which could represent your crystal power ring. Wear this ring on your left hand for maximum energetic benefits.

Comes with a box and is ready to love!

Size: 7
Crystal: 0.5" x 0.4" x 0.3" (12mm x 10mm x 8mm)
Band Width: 0.12" (3mm)
Weight: 4g