Rainbow Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal Pendant

Rainbow Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal Pendant

$149.00 USD
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Adorn yourself with this stunning Rainbow Aura Quartz Spirit Quartz Pendant!

This metallic rainbow crystal point will dazzle the senses with colors of emerald green, magenta, electric blue and gold.
Spirit Quartz is also called Cactus Quartz. The numerous points on this crystal can help radiate good vibes and intentions.

Infused with titanium, this iridescent metallic bonding brings out a gorgeous rainbow spectrum of light to activate your chakras. The vapor addition of titanium provides an energetic boost for chakra alignment and grounding.

1.3" x 0.6" x 0.5"
33mm x 15mm x 12mm
Length of bail: 1.8" / 46mm
Weight: 8g

Arrives gift boxed and ready to love. Wear with care and remove during strenuous activity, exercising or when showering to maintain the integrity of the crystal.

Chain sold separately. Choose your sterling silver chain here.