Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

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Feel like an intergalactic super being when you wear this Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant. Features a rectangular dog tag style design that holds a genuine Muonionalusta Meteorite protected by a thin layer of glass.

The Meteorite within the sterling silver framework is a Muonionalusta Meteorite from Sweden, which is considered the oldest meteorite to fall on this planet.

The crystal structure of this meteorite displays fine sacred geometric cross hatch lines, also called the Widmanstätten pattern. Wear a piece of galactic history when you wear this special jewelry piece!

Wearing Meteorite can help with spiritual awakening and can guide one towards completing their life's purpose. This fire element stone can help boost one's intuitive abilities and bring positive transformation to one's life.


Length: 0.7" (18 mm)
Width: 0.5"  (13 mm)
Thickness: 0.1" (3 mm)
Length with Bail: 1" (26 mm)
Weight: 2 g