Lapis Lazuli Large Silver Statement Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Large Silver Statement Pendant

$133.00 USD
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This genuine large Lapis Lazuli crystal statement pendant features a main center area of Lazurite that is surrounded by sparkly specks of Pyrite and nice contrasting white Calcite inclusions.

Crystal lovers! You'll appreciate the bold electric blue of the defined edge Lazurite that contrasts with the white Calcite. 

The back of the cabochon also has flecks of Pyrite sparkles, Calcite and Lazurite. There is a slight natural indentation on the back of the crystal cabochon as seen in the photos.

The polished Lapis Lazuli crystal is embraced by a sterling silver frame and has an open back to allow the crystal's properties to positively affect your aura and provide energetic protection.

Work with Lapis Lazuli to boost your third eye chakra and intuitive empath powers!

1.8" x 1.1" x 0.4"
(45mm x 29mm x 11mm)
Length w Bail: 2.3" (58mm)
Setting & Bail: .925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 25g

Comes with a gift box and ready to love. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.