Silver Sheen Black Obsidian Male Sculpture

Silver Sheen Black Obsidian Male Sculpture

$40.00 USD
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Appreciate the beauty of the male form with these Silver Sheen Black Obsidian Adonis body carvings!

If you love the physique of a chiseled man bod, this hand sculpted shimmery Obsidian is for you. Stands upright for display on your desk, shelf or table space.

Hold this totem carving to clear negative self body issues. 

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Dimensional Range:
(2.3" - 2.5") L x (1.4" - 1.5") W x 0.9" D
(59-63mm) L x (36-38mm) W x 23mm D
Weight: 23g
Origin: Mexico

Obsidian forms naturally from volcanic activity. The silver sheen of these polished specimens shine onto your aura after the obsidian releases unwanted frequencies.

For Game of Thrones fans, this Silver Sheen Obsidian is the "Dragonglass" that Jon Snow was mining on Dragonstone island. This carving makes a protective talisman against the negative "zombie white walkers" in your life!

Photo taken outdoors under sunlight so you can see the beautiful sheen of the Obsidian. Please handle carefully. Arrives with a keepsake bag.