Meteor Shower Moonstone Sunstone Silver Pendant

Meteor Shower Moonstone Sunstone Silver Pendant

$139.00 USD
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If you're a lover of things rainbow and galactic, this gorgeous Meteor Shower Moonstone Sunstone crystal pendant is a must have! This premium black moonstone crystal has natural shooting star streaks of rainbow colors that resemble a meteor shower. Hold this pendant under sunlight to see the color spectrum radiating from the crystal.

Moonstone is a third eye and sacral chakra crystal that helps to boost intuition. Sunstone is also naturally infused with this crystal and helps enhances lower chakra energies. Check out the photos for the orange chatoyant sheen and glow radiating from this pendant!

The natural fusion of this chatoyant Moonstone-Sunstone combines intuitive and creative energies that are perfect for those who have to constantly think of new ideas and be creative.

Moonstone-Sunstone is the perfect crystal to balance your yin and yang energies while strengthening one's intuitive energy centers.

Get this special cosmic themed pendant today or gift it to a friend for a meaningful gift!

Crystal Dimensions:
1.3" x 1" x 0.2" (32mm x 25mm x 6mm)
Length with Bail: 1.7" (44mm)
Weight: 9g
Origin: India

This diamond shaped Meteor Shower Sunstone Pendant comes with a box. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.