Yellow Fluorite Dolomite & Chalcopyrite Cluster

Yellow Fluorite Dolomite & Chalcopyrite Cluster

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Say hello to your new gemmy Yellow Fluorite, Dolomite and Chalcopyrite Cluster as shown in the photos. This specimen features numerous semi-translucent champagne colored Yellow Fluorite cube formations and floral like formations of Dolomite.

You'll love the areas of the Dolomite crystals that also contain growth inclusions of Chalcopyrite that sparkle under sunshine. The bottom areas under the Yellow Fluorite also sparkle as well!

3.4" x 2.9" x 1.4"
85mm x 75mm x 35mm

Weight: 220g / 7.5oz

Origin: Moscona, Spain

Fluorite is also called the "Genius Stone". Keep this crystal on your desk area to help improve focus and clarity in the solar plexus chakra area that is related to thinking and gut intuition. The inclusions of Chalcopyrite on the Fluorite help provide a boost of empowerment and motivation and is helpful for manifestation intentions and crystal grid work.

Your beautiful yellow Fluorite crystal cluster will be carefully wrapped and ready to love! Due to the nature of this specimen, expect natural inclusions and surface variations as seen in the photos.