Shimmery Garnet Palm Stone

Shimmery Garnet Palm Stone

$48.00 USD
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These exquisite Garnet Palm Stone crystals exhibit shimmering inner sparkles when you tilt them back and forth in the light. The photos don't do these palm stones justice as they also have beautiful chatoyancy to them!

You'll adore the natural burgundy wine color of these Almandine Garnet Crystals. Garnet is a must have crystal for empowering vitality, prosperity and motivation.

Sizes Available:

♥ Size: "Like It!" (Sold out) ♥
2.6" x 1.5" x 0.6"
(66mm x 38mm x 16mm)
3oz (85g)

♥♥ Size: "Love It!" ♥♥
~(2.7"-2.8") x (1.7"-1.9") x (0.5"-0.6")
(69-72mm) x (42-47mm) x (13-15mm)
~(3.4-3.7oz)  /  (96-103g)

Work with a Garnet palm stone in meditation and energy healing sessions. These palm stones lay flat compared to tumbled or dodecahedron garnets that may roll off the body.

Place this palm stone at the base of your yoga mat to help you stay grounded and balanced during difficult poses.

Due to the natural material of this garnet palm stone crystal, expect tiny internal fissure lines, indentations or inclusions on the surface or interior.

Take this crystal out in the sun to see its fullest sparkle potential. Arrives gift wrapped and ready to love.