Rare Gem Lepidolite Reflective Sphere

Rare Gem Lepidolite Reflective Sphere

$333.00 USD
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Say hello to your new gorgeous Gem Lepidolite Reflective Sphere! The grape jelly translucency and shine from this Gem Lepidolite radiates purple and lavender tones when tilted back and forth. 

The lithium and mica elements in Lepidolite are wonderful for calming your energy during times of anxiety and stressful moments. Lepidolite is a recommended crystal to hold during third eye chakra strengthening, meditation and dream work.

This flashy Lepidolite crystal ball will become a treasured addition in your crystal healing collection. Place it by your bedside table for vivid dreams and dream recall.

Click the main photo and scroll through all images to see the dynamic reflective gem quality of this rare Gem Lepidolite sphere. 

Photos #1-8 show the sphere under sunlight. Photos #9-10 show the sphere indoors with indirect light from outside the window.

1.9" / 48mm
Weight: 5.6 oz / 158g
Origin: India

Cleanse with sound or sage. Avoid getting this crystal wet for best care. Comes gift wrapped with a lavender scallop seashell holder.