Rainbow Gem Sunstone Small Tumble Stone

Rainbow Gem Sunstone Small Tumble Stone

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Rainbow Sprinkled Sunstone tumbled crystals will bring you the energies of happiness and joy. These gem grade tumbled treasures have embedded rainbow sprinkles that shine out spectrums of inner light. Unlike low grade Sunstone on the market, these beauties have inner "Rainbow Confetti"!

Work with Rainbow Sunstone to honor the energies of fire. Great for sacral chakra work and to boost your masculine divine energies. Hold a tumbled Sunstone crystal in each hand during your morning meditation to manifest a positive day full of optimistic blessings.

If you're searching for the perfect crystal to shift you out of stagnancy and bring a boost of positive action and emotion to your life, the happy vibrations of Rainbow Sunstone is for you! Colorful gemmy Rainbow Sunstone will uplift you when your vibrations are feeling low.

These Rainbow Sunstones from India have been handpicked to ensure quality shimmer. If your feel called to the healing energies of Rainbow Sunstone, grab one or a few to use in a crystal grid!

~0.75" (19mm)
Weight: 2-5g