Rainbow Labradorite Palm Stone 2.2"

Rainbow Labradorite Palm Stone 2.2"

$8.00 USD
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Say hello to your new Labradorite palm stone! Check out the video to see the inner flash reveal itself.

Displays tones of: blue, orange, silver and gold. Tones vary depending on inside or outside light. I've also seen highlights of pink and purple when viewed under indoor lighting.

Be sure to tilt the piece at different angles to see the magic happen! Use a flashlight or go out under bright sunlight to reveal the hidden rainbows.

Work with this Rainbow Labradorite palm stone to help you to see the light in all situations. Let it serve as a reminder to shine bright your inner light. Labradorite's chatoyant chameleon coloration varies in different lighting, but definitely take this beauty outside under the sunshine when you receive it!

2.2" x 1.9" x 0.8"
56mm x 47mm x 20mm
2.9oz / 82g

Origin: Madagascar

Things about Labradorite:

-- Auric protection and chakra alignment
-- Protection against low frequency vibrations
-- Boosts intuition
-- Awakens inner powers
-- Enhances psychic abilities

Ways to Work with Rainbow Labradorite:

-- Carry with you when you go out in public to protect your energy field.
-- Useful in meditation or heightening intuitive work.
-- Use in a crystal grid to add an element protection and manifestation.
-- Keep by your bedside for shielding while sleeping and dreaming

This crystal comes carefully wrapped and ready to love!

Due to the nature of computer monitor calibration, please expect minor color variations from what is seen in the photos to what is viewed in real life or in indoor lighting. Coloration in the photos have not been altered and what is shown was captured with my camera in natural sunlight. No filters used.