Druzy Agate Quartz Palm Stone

Druzy Agate Quartz Palm Stone

$39.00 USD
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Say hello to this beautiful sparkly Druzy Agate Palm Stone. You will love the inner sparkles that radiate from within this portable "crystal cave".

This Druzy Quartz Palm Stone crystal features banded striations and a smooth polish with light beige tones. After wearing your jewelry for the day, put your ring or pendant inside this palm stone to recharge it for the next day's wear.

Take your palm stone outside in the sunlight to enjoy the sparkles fully.

This beautiful Druzy Agate Palm Stone will arrive carefully wrapped and ready to love.  

Crystal Dimensions:
 2.3" x 1.9" x 0.8"
(58 mm x 47 mm x 21 mm)
Weight:  2.8oz (78 g)