Caramel Crazy Lace Agate Palm Stone Lingam

Caramel Crazy Lace Agate Palm Stone Lingam

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What's the sweetest crystal in your collection? Perhaps it could very well be this Caramel Crazy Lace Agate palm stone in an elongated egg shape. This banded crystal features premium layer cake style patterning and a smooth polish in cake and caramel tones. 😋🍮

This meditation crystal can be used as a focus piece to trace the detailed striped lines with your sight as you focus on an intention. Crazy Lace Agate is said to be a crystal for improving concentration, mental agility and self-confidence.

The most interesting things I noticed in crystal books about Crazy Lace Agate is that this crystal promotes fun, laughter, helps prevent car accidents and is useful during pregnancy. What an interesting mix of info!

All I know is... a crystal is whatever you make of it. They all work differently for everyone because we are all unique in our own ways. 💛

If you're interested in this 2.4" large palm stone, or want to gift it to your caramel and dessert loving friend, get it now!

2.4" x 1.1
62mm x 27mm
2.3oz / 65g
Origin: Mexico