Blue Whale Sodalite Large Polished Sculpture

Blue Whale Sodalite Large Polished Sculpture

$375.00 USD
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Add this Blue Whale Sodalite jumbo crystal to your collection today! Features areas of chatoyant shimmer as shown in the close-up photos. The shape of the crystal looks like the head of a blue whale, with the white inclusions resembling the mouth of the whale.

This extra large Sodalite freeform sculptured tower makes a beautiful natural centerpiece for your home decor projects. This all natural polished crystal has nice blue tones with white calcite veining that gives it a marbled effect.

The tall shape of this Sodalite crystal has a solid flat base that can sit on any table top. Sodalite is a perfect crystal to display in a room where communication via the throat chakra is essential. Some ideal room locations include a dining room, living room, kitchen, office and bedroom.

12.8" x 5.4" x 4.7"
32.5cm x 13.8cm x 12cm
14.2 lbs / 6.4kg

Properties of sodalite:

- Helps with communication and fear of public speaking. This would make a perfect crystal for helping one confidently communicate their thoughts around the dinner table.
- Releases fears and provides calming.
- Balances emotions and provides clarity to thoughts.
- Develops intuition and improves psychic abilities.
- Helps one to speak their truth.
- Assists teachers, writers and students to reach deeper into their inner wisdom.

Your Sodalite Blue Whale large polished crystal will come carefully wrapped and ready to love!