Bronze Flash Nuummite Tumbled Stone 1.4" 42g

Bronze Flash Nuummite Tumbled Stone 1.4" 42g

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⭐️ Received the exact genuine Nuummite tumbled crystal from Greenland shown in the first couple photos and video.

This Nuumite has stunning bronze flashes and is a must have for empath protection.


1.4" x 0.9" x 0.9"
36mm x 24mm x 24mm
Weight: 42g

Please expect variations in the tones of the inclusions and irregularities/fissures on the surface as seen in the photos and video. There may be a mix of smooth and rough areas which are to be expected with this ancient material.

Please note, the inclusions can range from being really subtle, flashy or the flashes magically reveal themselves under sunlight or a strong flashlight.


Nuummite is one of the oldest crystals on this planet, forming over 3 billion years. The historic ancient quality of Nuummite makes it a must have for your crystal collection!

Use Nuummite in meditation and past life regressions to harness ancient energetic memories. Each piece is unique and includes a few inclusions of gedrite and anthophyllite.

Use Nuummite for energy grid work, meditation layouts, empath shielding and wire-wrap projects.


When you receive your Nuummite, take it outdoors under bright sunlight to fully observe its unique magical energies. Or use your phone's flashlight and tilt the piece at different angles. Regular indoor artificial lighting will not give justice to the magic of these rare special crystals! Most importantly, set aside some time to connect with the ancient energy and wisdom of your Nuummite via meditation or dream work.

⭐️ I also included a photo comparison graphic so you can see the difference of what's being sold falsely on the market. Astrophyllite, biotitic anthophyllite, coppernite and arfvedsonite are mistakenly sold as genuine Greenland Nuummite.


Moh's Hardness: 5.5 - 6
Origin: Greenland
Element: Storm, Earth
Chakra: Crown, Root


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♥ This crystal offering is genuine authentic Nuummite. Please be aware that imitation Nuummite exists on the market. I've seen local restaurants that have counter top tables made out of this material. The imitation kind has shiny flecks that are copper colored, short jagged rectangular or square type flecks. Genuine Nuummite has elongated brush-like strokes of flashy areas that are gold, silver, bronze or blue, or have a mixture of these colors combined in magical looking flash. The iridescent inclusions are irregularly shaped. Make sure you're buying the real deal that is offered in this listing and not fake Nuummite.


Here are some grateful reviews I've received from buyers who have purchased Nuummite from my shop from almost a decade now!:

⭐️ Wow! My Nuummite is amazing! The energy took hold of me as soon as I held it in my hand. I was instantly shifted to a spiritual meditation and filled with positive vibrations. This is easily one of the most intense crystals I've ever experienced.

⭐️ This stone is so beautiful. I had purchased "nuummite" from another seller earlier and was later very disappointed to find out it was not really genuine Nuummite. It is so nice to be able to deal with someone who knows their stones and sells the real thing.

⭐ ️ These Nuummites are stunning and so mesmerizing! I love the flashes throughout and one of them has this amazing gold-sheen sparkle on both sides that looks so amazing in the light! This is the first time I've seen Nuummite and... why haven't I tried buying these sooner?!?!? The energy is off-the-charts phenomenal and I felt its protective energy as soon as I held it in my hand - the pulse in my hand started racing! I am now in love with Nuummite and thanks to Crystal Rock Star, I have the real deal!

⭐️ This is a lovely piece, with so many streaks of flashing color within the stone. This is my very first piece of Nuummite. I had been quite intrigued by this stone but always held off on getting one until now. I'm so glad I got it here. I do notice often that people tend to either be misinformed or at times intentionally sell something that is not truly what they claim. Realized this when I was looking for a nice Arfvedsonite piece to add to my collection. Though I find them all lovely, one would really like to receive what they believe they are purchasing. Thank you for offering this in your shop.


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