Ruby Kyanite Heart Adjustable Silver Ring

Ruby Kyanite Heart Adjustable Silver Ring

$70.00 USD
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Float on cloud nine when you wear this Ruby in Kyanite heart shaped statement ring!

Features raspberry pink inclusions of Ruby that grew naturally inside blue Kyanite crystal.

The back side of this ring is open so you can see the crystal on the other side. Ruby is a fluorescent crystal that glows pink under UV light. Check out the sample photo of this crystal in palm stone form to see how this ring will glow in black light!

Ring Size: Adjustable (Ideal for sizes 7 - 9)

Simply squeeze or expand the band to fit the finger of your choice. Adjustable bands are perfect because you can tighten or loosen the fit depending on the season or circumstance.

0.9" x 1" x 0.2"
24mm x 26mm x 6mm

Band width: 4mm / 0.2"
Weight: 13g

Origin: India
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver

Ruby and Kyanite are a beautiful and synergistic blend of crystals for balance, strength and good vibes.

You'll receive this natural, untreated heart shaped Ruby with Kyanite ring shown in the photos. Comes with a gift box and keeper bag.