Arfvedsonite Eudialyte Garnet Silver Bracelet

Arfvedsonite Eudialyte Garnet Silver Bracelet

$338.00 USD
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You'll love wearing this gorgeous Arfvedsonite Crystal Bracelet set in sterling silver! This genuine crystal statement piece is adjustable and features seven separate polished crystals and adjustable sizing with a toggle closure.

The silver toggle closure features three 48mm adjustable rings and a 13mm long silver toggle stick. You simply put the stick into the ring that fits you the best.

This beautiful Arfvedsonite Crystal Bracelet fits wrist sizes: 6.5", 7" and 7.5" 

The premium Arfvedsonite crystals in this bracelet have natural streaks of blue flash with dark pink Eudialyte crystal inclusions (a variety of garnet). Take your bracelet outside under sunlight to fully appreciate the flashy nature of each crystal in this bracelet.

This Arfvedsonite Crystal Bracelet will arrive carefully wrapped in a keepsake box. It will make a special addition to any crystal collection. 

Bracelet Dimensions:
1" Wide x 0.3" Thick
(26 mm x 8 mm)
Length: 8.5" (215 mm)
Weight: 56g
Origin: India