Platonic Solids Galaxy Crystal Grid Card

Platonic Solids Galaxy Crystal Grid Card

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Use these compact platonic solid crystal grid cards to set your intentions with a crystal grid. The designs use sacred geometry platonic solids to place your crystals upon. These platonic solid shapes can be found within the internal structure of various crystals. The backgrounds are various galaxy or energy images.

4 Designs to Choose From:

  1. Photo 1 - [A] - Blue Nebula with Blue Gradient Flower of Life center and Platonic Grid
  2. Photo 2 - [B] - Tesla Energy wave theme with White Flower of Life center and Blue Platonic Solid Grid
  3. Photo 3 - [C] - Blue Nebula with Gradient Flower of Life center and Black Platonic Solid Grid
  4. Photo 4 - [D] - Dark Purple Milky Way Galaxy Spiral with Golden Flower of Life center and Purple Platonic Solid Grid

*Photo 5 - shows back of card and crystal placement example suggestion.

*Images in this listing show a watermarked logo on the front side of the sample images to protect artwork. The backside of the printed card will only have a small Crystal Rock Star insignia symbol on the bottom left corner that represents the crystalline body and one's inner light. :)


  • 4.13" x 5.82" (105mm x 148mm)
  • Post card size paper Sustainable source, Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
  • 16pt premium paper, heavy card stock, gloss laminated on one side, matte on the other for easy writing.
  • You will need a metallic or silver/gold/white inked pen to write on the back since the outer space background image is dark. If you prefer to use a black or blue pen, you can still write on the back and your intention message will be subtly and secretly camouflaged for privacy preferences.


How to Set Up and Activate Your Crystal Grid:

  1. Meditate on the intentions you want to set. Then gather the crystals that you feel will work with you best and sound cleanse them (or use your preferred method of cleansing).
  2. Set your intention by writing on the back of the card with your chosen pen color. Flip the card over and place it on your altar, table or sacred space area.
  3. Place your chosen crystals on the grid. I recommend placing a sphere, point or your favorite crystal in the middle. Then add 6 crystals to go into each of the platonic solid shape spots in a clockwise motion.
  4. Activate the grid with your favorite crystal point or wand by tracing the lines of the pattern on the grid. You can draw a merkaba image above, connect the crystals through the lines, move in a clockwise pattern... use your intuition and do whatever resonates with you!
  5. You can also use the energy from your nadis (chakra energy centers on your palm). Hover your dominant hand over the crystal grid and focus positive thoughts and intentions into the crystals and into the universe. The crystals will hold your intention and help you to raise the energy for manifestation.
  6. Feel free to activate the grid on the new or full moon or whenever you feel the need. Disassemble when you feel the crystal grid has helped you with your purpose or if you want to change the grid up for another intention.

Alternative use for the platonic solid geometry card:

  • Hang or frame the cards wherever you wish to add sacred geometry energy to your space. Also makes a great greeting or note card for that special someone.

Cards will be shipped with protective cardboard to prevent bending.

Designs are property of Crystal Rock Star. No duplication, reprinting or copying permitted.