Lemurian Rutilated Quartz Time Link Point

Lemurian Rutilated Quartz Time Link Point

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If you've stumbled across this Quartz crystal, please know it is a special one and perhaps meant for you!

This one of a kind natural Lemurian Quartz crystal has two thin rutile inclusions and striations on all six sides of the point.

There are 9 total faces on the tip of this point! Six of them are main faces. The seventh four sided "window" is a time link "future possibilities" portal facet. The 8th and 9th faces are thin triangle slivered faces that can be found when you shine a light on the tip and rotate.

The clarity of this point can be experienced from all sides. The tip has some minor natural chipping.

The bottom of the point is rough and there is a small baby "dolphin" Quartz attached to one of the sides that has some inclusions inside.

Use this raw Clear Quartz crystal point in your meditations and intentional work.

Comes with a keepsake bag and carefully wrapped.

4.1" x 1.5" x 1.2"
104mm x 37mm x 30mm
Weight: 154g / 5.4oz

Origin: Brazil

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