Pink Amethyst Large Geode Cluster

Pink Amethyst Large Geode Cluster

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Consider this rare Pink Amethyst Large Geode Cluster as the next addition to your crystal collection. Recently discovered in Patagonia, Argentina, this natural geode gets its rosy pink color from hematite and iron that naturally grew within quartz. A part of the geode has natural matrix "frosting" over some of the cluster's points.

Now you may be thinking, isn't this Rose Quartz? Actually it is not. Rose Quartz crystal rarely forms as points or in a geode. Also, Rose Quartz receives it's pink color from inclusions of manganese, titanium and/or iron. A chemical lab analysis from the founder of Pink Amethyst has stated that: "The crystals are purplish pink amethystine quartz, additionally colored by microscopic hematite particles. They are not rose quartz or pink quartz as classically defined. Numerous micro-inclusions of calcium sulphate also occur in the interior of the quartz crystals."

Use Pink Amethyst for heart chakra and for bringing calm, loving and protective energies to your sacred and auric space. This new rare discovery of Pink Amethyst will become a cherished addition to your crystal collection, healing toolkit or home decor display. 

Wrapped with care and display ready. Please expect color differentiation on computer monitors and under indoor lighting.


4.3" x 3.8" x 1.6"
108mm x 97mm x 40mm
309g / 10.9oz

Source: Choique Mine

Display Suggestion and Uses:
💕 Bedside Table / 

Sacred Space / Meditation Room / Nursery
💕 Southwest Feng Shui Relationship Corner of Home
💕 Give one as a wedding, anniversary, babyshower or birthday gift
💕 Create a crystal grid and surround with rose quartz, tugtupite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite or thulite.