Celestite Heart Geode Cluster Home Decor Crystal

Celestite Heart Geode Cluster Home Decor Crystal

$222.00 USD
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Say hello to your new gorgeous baby blue Celestite heart crystal cluster geode! Features nice translucent chunky baby blue points in the heart's center. This heart has a nice large size for home decor display purposes.

This Celestite crystal heart cluster will be a perfect addition to your crystal collection to add calming vibes to your bedroom or sacred space.

Celestite has nice soothing energies and is the perfect crystal to keep by your bedside.

5.1" long x 3.7" wide x 3" thick
Weight: 58.4 oz / 1.7kg

More Things to Know About Celestite:

* Put this cluster in your bedroom, spa, healing space, yoga studio or meditation room to bring a sense of peace, harmony and relaxation in the room.

* A high vibe crystal for helping you connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels and assists with divine communication.

* A great crystal for restful sleep. Can also be put in a child's room to encourage a calming environment.

* Great meditation crystal - releases anxiety and provides clarity.

* Work with this crystal to banish worries, stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

* Helps with the upper chakras.

* Helps with depression, fear and shyness.