Shattuckite Oval Silver Cuff Bracelet

Shattuckite Oval Silver Cuff Bracelet

$165.00 USD
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This beautiful Shattuckite cuff bracelet features a natural large oval cabochon. Shattuckite is a copper silicate crystal.

Features an adjustable sterling silver double band and an open back behind the Shattuckite crystal framework. 

The all natural Shattuckite crystal has a mix of gorgeous blue and black tones that look like a natural piece of art.

Because of the nice large size, wear this statement bracelet when you need a crystal boost and want to feel like an invincible super hero.


Crystal: 1.6" x 1.1" x 0.3" (41mm x 28mm x 8mm)
Band width: 71mm / 2.8"
Band height: 29mm / 1.1"
Weight: 39g
29mm width of band near cabochon
10mm thinnest width of band

Your Shattuckite sterling silver cuff bracelet will arrive carefully wrapped with a gift box and ready to wear. Fits most wrists as you simply need to squeeze the band gently for a custom fit.