Pietersite Flashy Sterling Silver Pendant

Pietersite Flashy Sterling Silver Pendant

$111.00 USD
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If you haven't experienced the shimmery beauty of Pietersite crystal, this pendant is calling out to you!

The premium blue Pietersite crystal pendant has a mesmerizing shimmer effect when you tilt it back and forth! Reveal the mysterious midnight blues and smoky cornflower blue colors when you take this crystal outside under sunlight or shine a flashlight on the surface.

Pietersite is a brecciated variety of Blue Tiger Eye, or some call it Blue Hawks Eye. It looks like shimmery deep ocean water in crystallized form.

This pear shaped Pietersite pendant has an open back to allow the crystal to positively affect your aura and provide energetic support. Pietersite is known for its intuitive third eye chakra boosting influences.

1.4" x 1" x 0.3"
(36mm x 25mm x 7mm)

Length with bail:
2" (50mm)

Weight: 13g
Setting: .925 Sterling Silver

Comes with a gift box. Chain sold separately. Choose your fav chain here.

First few photos are the pendant under sunlight. The last couple photos are the pendant under LED lights. Notice the variations of blue that you will enjoy outdoors and indoors when wearing this beautiful crystal!