Triple Flash Labradorite Palm Stone

Triple Flash Labradorite Palm Stone

$20.00 USD
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Beautiful Labradorite palm stone with rainbow flash. The chatoyance shows up in three naturally separated sections on one side and the other side looks like rainbow galactic clouds. 

This polished Labradorite crystal provides a colorful spectrum of energy shielding and chakra balancing.

Tones vary depending on inside or outside light. Be sure to tilt the piece at different angles to see the magic happen! Use a flashlight or go out under bright sunlight to reveal the hidden rainbows.

Work with this Rainbow Labradorite palm stone to help you to see the light in all situations. Let it serve as a reminder to shine bright your inner light.

2.5" x 2.2" x 0.8"
63mm x 55mm x 20mm
4.4oz / 124g

Origin: Madagascar